Objectives of the Practice:
  1. To increase the sense of social responsibility, a global view of society and a will for helping others, citizenship, leadership quality and democratic attitude among the students.
  2. To acquaint the needs, problems of neighborhood and strive to find out the solution of community problems.
  3. To extend ground level understanding and develop the ability of creativity and critical judgment among students.
  4. To develop the quality of radiant personality like quality of sympathy, truthfulness, morality, sense of service, communication skills.
  5. To make the community members aware of aspects of health and hygiene, government development schemes and life skills etc.

SimenChapari College is situated in a rural based area surrounded by charming hills, green forest and Simen River inhabited by different tribes and communities. Most of the inhabitants are from the socio-economical hazards like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and marginalized from the main stream of development. The overall development of a backward area cannot be ensured and achieved without the development of socio-economically marginalized section of the society. So far as the SimenChapari College is located at such backward area it is high time to complement to the Government efforts in matter of awareness drive and ensuring peoples’ participation in the process of development.

The Practices:

SimenChapari College aims at providing higher education to the students of such remote locality. The institution is responsible towards the society for arranging various programmes at various levels for giving a helping hand in the process of socio-economic and educational development. So the college organizes special camps at different places and other extension activities in the neighbouring villages and schools. Five Days’ Special Camp on Health, Public Sanitation & Personal Hygiene and also another 5 Days’ Special camp on Education, Literacy & Conservation of Cultural Heritage has been organized by the NSS Unit of SimenChapari College. The 4th International Yoga Day has been observed at PanchimAdharsa High School under NSS. SwachhataPakhwada has also been organized by NSS both inside and outside of the campus. Fund collection for distribution of essential commodities for flood affected people and also clean drive at simen river picnic spot have been the some other examples. The college adopted Koivatra village under the initiative of education department and has also organized clean drive programmes at local market places, and different school grounds and road sides. The college community is also involved in distribution of woollen cloths for the comfort of people during winter seasons and in prevention/ protection of village areas from soil erosion due to the flood in summer season through construction of bamboo dams at place like Rongpuria village. Health awareness camps as well as educational extension activities are organized at Somkong High School and Kasturba Gandhi BalikaVidaylaya. Mentoring classes for development of communication skills among students, has been imparted through the guidance of Sir Krishna Bhujel, HoD of English department in 2018, in the mechanical and electrical engineering courses of the Dhemaji Polytechnic Institute, SimenChapori. Awareness camps against drug abuse, AIDS, COVID-19 and Cyber Security etc. have been our agendas toward community service. All the teachers individually as well as under the umbrella of NSS Unit, and the college authorities have been engaged willingly for providing food packages to the poor and needy people of the society during the days of pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Evidence of success:

The people of neighbouring villages including educationists, teachers and senior citizens of different castes and communities always provide their support and cooperation as well as keep their positive interest in institutional matters like annual college week functions, distribution ceremonies, awareness programme, cultural programme, training and entrepreneurship, quality enhancement activities and other nature of community services held or conducted by different cells of the college within the ambit of the college authorities. They also actively participate in the relief camps, distribution of food packages and dam making works, college motivational programmes, talks on women empowerment, workshops on Human Rights, BishnuRabha Divas and the Birth Anniversary of Dr.BhupenHazorika and so on. In other programmes like workshops on ‘Teaching English in Secondary Level School’, many teachers from different schools under Jonai Sub-Division have actively participated in all the four days programme. They also admitted their benefit from this programme.

Problems Encountered And Resources Required:

Sometimes, the institution has to face certain problems to implement the action taken out in its plans because of bad weather. Other reasons may be highlighted here such as tight schedule of CBCS semester system, short duration of each semester, semester breaks and evaluation process, busy schedule of the village life, unawareness of some local members and also shortage of fund in the college. Except the fund under NSS, we are still unable to have financial support from other agencies. Even still we are not pacing back from undertaking institutional strategies and plans for extension of community services. For instance, we have been communicating with some local NGOs, KrishiBigyan Kendra, District Industries & Commerce for collaborative works to channelize training programmes for students as well as rural masses with a view to creating self-employable conditions.

II. Tree Plantation Programme

Objectives of the Practice:
  1. To identify the students with some vital environmental degradation, pollution and global warming that are caused by deforestation.
  2. To create healthy living and social well-being.
  3. To sustain for cognitive development and education.
  4. Climate change mitigation.
  5. To provide shade on glaring hot during summer.
  6. To beautify the surroundings of the institution.