College Library & Information Centre

Simen Chapari College Library is named as central Library. The Simen Chapari College was established in the year 1994. The college was established through the efforts of the People of the locality. At the initial stage, the governing body of the college started this library with aminimum number of books arranged in wooden shelves through contribution of a few leading guardians.However, the college could storeproperties in the library from the year 2007. And presently with the name as Simen Chapari College central Library, it has the strength of not less than 15000 number of books. This library is now centered in the Southern part of the college building (In the ground floor of the two storied building) facilitated with reading tables, computer section for E-Learning and spacious area for the library team. The Central library has digital automation system and RFID tagging (7000 nos. of books) through the intimation of soul 3.0. Teachers are quite cooperative and helpful in strengthening the library resources.

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The College Library intends to-
  • Extend support to teaching, learning and research initiatives of the college
  • Provide career employment information resources to the users
  • Provide access to internet, OPAC and e-resources
  • Create a suitable ambience for optimum usage of library resources
  • Assist in retrieval of reading material and e- resources.
  • Be of service to the neighboring community, senior citizens, alumni by extending the available information resources endeavor to meet changing user needs challenges
  • Be one of the most resourceful houses for students’ capacity building.

For the Success of the library our honoured person’s are –
  • Dr. SachinDoley
  • Mr. Tankeswar Boruah
  • Mr. Krishna Bhujel