About the Cell:

The Grievance Redressal Cell of SimenChapari College attempts to look into the genuine Problems and Complaints lodged by students. Every care and suggestion is given to students to come up with a positive mind. They can state their grievances regarding any academic and non- academic matters within the campus by telephonic call or through E-mail addressed to the concern authorities or any of the members of the Grievance RedressalCommittee. And they may also drop their written complains into the Grievance Redressal Box. The committee assures that the studentsmay find positive solution in every related issues.
       Through the justification of this Cell, the College community tries to bring about a good and harmonious relationships among all. As per the guidelines given by the UGC. Students Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC) was constituted.
       The students Grievance Redressal Committee desires to promote educational atmosphere. The committee expresses the feelings that the grievance procedure be followed in accordance with the rules and regulation of the college. Grievance Redressal Committee enquires and analysis.

Objectives of Students’ Grievance Cell

  1. To support, those students who have been deprived of the services offered by the college for which he/ she in entitled.
  2. To make officials of the College responsive, accountable and courteous in dealing with the students.
  3. To ensure effective solution to the student’s Grievance with an impartial and fair approach.

Functions of Grievance Cell

  1. Redressal of Students’ Grievance to solve their academic and administrative problems in the institution.
  2. To co-ordinate between students and departments to redress the grievances.
  3. To guide ways and means to the students to redress their problems.

Procedure of Grievance Redressal Cell:

The Grievance procedure is a machinery to sort out the issues between student and college. It is a means by which a student, who believes that, he/ she has been treated unfairly with respect to his/her academic/ administrative affairs or is convinced to be discriminated, is redressed. It is a device to settle a problem. It enables to express feelings by initiating and pursuing the grievance procedure in accordance with the rules and regulation of the college. It involves a process of investigation in which Student’s Grievance Cell enquires and analyses the nature and pattern to the grievances in a strictly confidential manner. Matters are discloed to only those, who have a legitimate role in resolving the matter. Emphasis on procedural fairness has been given with a view to the “right to be heard and right to be treated without bias”.

The students are ought to lodge their grievances through written application in the Drop Box, WhatsApp, Telephonic communication, Direct Communication with coordinator of grievance cell. The coordinator intimates the matter to the respective committee for necessary action. Final report based on grievance receipt and resolved will be submitted to the Principal and further course of action will be decided and the same shall be intimated to the student.


Grievance Redressal Cell shall not entertain following issues-
  1. Decision of the academic council/ administrative committees constituted by the college.
  2. Decisions with regards to award of scholarships/ fee concession/ awards/ medals.
  3. Decisions made by college under the Discipline Rules and misconduct.
  4. Decisions of the competent authority on assessment and examination result.
During the years no Such Major Grievances were received. Grievances otherwise received were forwarded to the Principal for immediate Redressal. In all such cases prompt action were taken and matter sorted out. In all cases the aggrieved was informed of the measures taken and check in the system were introduced to ensure that there was no repetition of the same.

Dr. Sachin Doley
Principal, SimenChapari College
ChairmanPhone No: 9954785201
Mr. Trailukya Phukan
Assistant Professor
ConvenorPhone No: 9957 436991
Mr. Debajit Pegu
Assistant Professor
MemberPhone No:7399222816
Mr. Puspa KantaDoley
Assistant Professor
MemberPhone No: 9395509963
Mrs. Rini Saikia
Assistant Professor
MemberPhone No: 7002839773
Dr. Kubir Bahadur Chetry
Assistant Professor
MemberPhone No: 9954957280
Mr. Jageswar Basumatary
Library Bearer
MemberPhone No: 6000578150

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