SimenChapari College was established in 1994 with the efforts of the people of the SimenChapori locality considering the necessity of an institute of higher studies owing to the increasing number of passed out students from schools as well as development of the society through the enlightenment of education.Besides this, the senior citizens opined that education can alone be the instrumental in bringing about social change and promote culture and human values. They also conceived the idea of setting up this institution for facilitating education to those who are being deprived of higher studies due to poor economic condition.

         SimenChapari College, now a premier institute of higher education, is located at Latitude, 27.710995 (North) and long’ 94.883662 of SimenChapori, under Jonai Sub-Division of Dhemaji District, across the bordering area of Arunachal Pradesh, inhabited largely by the people of different rural tribes and ethnic groups having their distinct culture, tradition, religions and languages. The college is located at a distance of 56 kilometres from Dhemaji, the district headquarter and 72 kilometres from Dibrugarh town.

       Since its inception, the college has been run under the able guidance and supervision of the Governing Body and with the cooperation of conscious people read more...


“Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart Is No Education at All.”-Aristotle.
        The world is changing faster than ever before. Existence of human life on this earth has become tough and tougher due to the advancement in science, information technology and humanities. The competitiveness in every field has almost gnawed the principles of civilisation. The overgrowth of population is one of the reasons for such neck-tied competition. Even amidst such competitiveness, we have to learn the ways of living with minimum standard of resources available in our families. For this, positive attitude, concentration, perseverance and a sound health are the important traits to have our existence in the present day scenario. And these things can only be acquired through proper education. There is an adage,‘A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder’. Many a man cannot be successful in his single aim. Situation may demand him to embrace another job in the present day competitions. At this juncture, one has to be bold enough to carry on his works through tolerance and intelligence.read more...